The birth of the ALİgator

Published on February 27, 2017

I chose the Nissan 200SX S13 which is the most accurate and at the same time my favorite vehicle for drift. The Nissan 200SX was an iconic model of Japanese cars. Every time I see the smoke as it goes from the tire to the side full gas, the S13 sounded like a completely separated machine just invented for drift.

It was important for me to find an accident-free 200sx even though the hood was not very important. The cause was that there was no slip or deformation in the shrouds and suspension connections. I thought I could get a stable drift monster only if i can do that.

I started to search for S13 which is my dream machine. The hardest challenge of my mission just started for me. I would understand at the end of this process that finding the vehicle I wanted was harder than preparing the vehicle. Hundreds of hours surfing the Internet, negotiations fot the cars, lots of S13 that I gave up later … Days were passing and I still had not find any car which I wanted. I was not going to buy any 200SX with questions in my mind.

And day was my day. 🙂 I found the all original S13 from the first owner after a long search. The first owner used it so protective and friendly, so this S13 was working perfectly with all parts. I checked all the buttons one by one. I realized that I would not find another well conditioned car like this one so we shook hands immediately. It was not a good feeling to change the parts of this original car but I had to do this to get a drift monster.

Here is my S13

I had found my car and it was time to change some parts of it. My first step was the engine. 🙂 My priorities was strong, durable, long lifed and atmospheric version for the engine. Thats why the most sensible option was the LS1 V8 engine which is used for the Corvette C5. After talking AVK Service which is the official tech support for this engines, we removed the original engine of our car and emptied the engine pool.

Engine pool

Any drift vehicle definetly needs an angle kit. front wheels move right and left with a very wide angle if you have an angle kit. There are various brands of angle kits available and i prefered the ‘’Wisefab’’ one. I was also excited about using Wisefab in Turkey for the first time in my ALIgator. The paddy sheet was widened and the engine pool painted so that the front wheels could move freely and never rub. (We will share a technical note about the angle kit later)

No drift without angle kit 🙂


After the engine pool painted

After this process, the vehicle is loaded with attractive to go AVK Service 🙂


To be continue..

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